FemFirstHealth | The Elements of a FemFirstHealth Postpartum Visit:
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The Elements of a FemFirstHealth Postpartum Visit:

The Elements of a FemFirstHealth Postpartum Visit:

 No matter how you delivered your baby, your body went through significant changes over the past year. Your postural alignment changes in order to distribute your weight for your growing baby. Even though it’s so important to do whatever you can during your pregnancy, the effects of relaxin can still affect your daily activities and can still be present with breastfeeding.

What we check for:

    1. Hip Stability
    2. Pelvic floor Assessment for weakness and pain
    3. Postural Evaluation
    4. Overall Strength
    5. Diastasis Recti Assessment

What Will You Receive:

Overview of Healthy Mechanics for Lifting your baby.

Exercise Prescription to get back to work and exercise.

Every woman deserves the opportunity and the education to restore her body after pregnancy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at kristin@femfirsthealth.com